KT Technology KT212WB5/HI
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Form factor:
Baby AT
Chipset: Winbond W83C20x (286 Chipset) [W83C201P, W83C202AP, W83C203AP, W83C204P, W83C205P]
Dimensions: 220mm x 260mm
CPU platform: 286
Supported RAM size: 4 MB
Supported RAM types: 30-pin SIPP
I/O ports: Expansion slots: Known issues:
  • 1x AT Keyboard
  • 2x 8-bit ISA
  • 4x 16-bit ISA
  • Leaky Ni-Cd clock battery
  • Bad/shorted tantalum capacitors

board can be modded to use 30-pin SIMM slots

Last updated: 2020-09-25T13:03:44Z
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