TK TK-82C491/386-4N-D02C

Also known as: MAGITRONICS 386-4N-D02C

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Form factor:
Baby AT
PSU connector: AT-Style (P8-P9)
Chipset: UMC UM82C493/491 [UM82C491, UM82C493]
Dimensions: 170mm x 220mm
CPU socket: PGA132PGA68
CPU platform: 386DX387DX
Supported FSB speeds: 33MHz 40MHz
Cache: 32 KB 128 KB
Supported RAM size: 32 MB
Supported RAM types: 30-pin SIMM
I/O ports: Expansion slots: Known issues:
  • 1x AT Keyboard
  • 1x 8-bit ISA
  • 5x 16-bit ISA
  • Leaky Ni-Cd clock battery

Clone of the Abit AB-AK3/AB-AK4

Last updated: 2022-04-15T13:26:36Z
Drivers: not available
BIOS images: 1 file
Manuf. POST String Note Core Ver. BIOS Ver.
AMI 40-0102-001277-00101111-040493-UMC491F 040493 07/15/93
Documentation: not available
Model Speed FSB Voltages L1 Cache L2 Cache L3 Cache Core Process TDP
AMD Am386 DX/DXL-40 40MHz 40MHz 5V - - - - 800nm 3W
Cyrix 486DLC-40 40MHz 40MHz 5V 1KB - - - - -
Cyrix 486DLC-33 33MHz 33MHz 5V 1KB - - - - -
Intel i386 DX-33 33MHz 33MHz 5V - - - - 1500nm -
Texas Instruments 486DLC/E-40 40MHz 40MHz 5V 1KB - - - - -
Supported NPUs:
ModelSpeedFSBPart Number
Cyrix 387DX 33MHz 33MHz 387DX-33
Cyrix 387DX+ 40MHz 40MHz 387DX-40
IIT 3C87 33MHz 33MHz 3C87-33
IIT 3C87 40MHz 40MHz 3C87-40
IIT 4C87DLC 33MHz 33MHz 4C87DLC-33
DM&P Green Math 40MHz 40MHz 4C87DX-40
Intel 387 33MHz 33MHz A80387-33
Cyrix FasMath 33MHz 33MHz CX-83D87-33-GP
Cyrix FasMath 40MHz 40MHz CX-83D87-40-GP
Cyrix Cx487DLC 33MHz 33MHz Cx487DLC-33GP
Cyrix Cx87DLC 33MHz 33MHz Cx87DLC-33QP
Cyrix Cx87DLC 40MHz 40MHz Cx87DLC-40QP
Chips & Technologies Super Math 33MHz 33MHz J38700DX
Chips & Technologies Super Math 40MHz 40MHz J38700DX-40
Sunlogix Math-Co DX 33MHz 33MHz US83C87 33
Sunlogix Math-Co DX 40MHz 40MHz US83C87 40
Sunlogix Advanced Math Coprocessor DX/DLC 40MHz 40MHz US83C87 40
Sunlogix Advanced Math Coprocessor DX/DLC 40MHz 40MHz US83C87-C 40
IIT XC87DLC 33MHz 33MHz XC87DLC-33