USA Integration SC-9204-A

Chipset parts: USA Integration SC-9204-A

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Release date:  1992      [see all boards with this chipset]


  • Direct mapped organization with write-back protocol
  • 0 wait state for cache read / write hit
  • Programmable cache read / write hit wait state. Cache controller can be enabled or disabled
  • Programmable cache line size
  • Flexible cache size
  • One or two bank of cache SRAM
  • Flexible direct SRAM access mode
  • Support for both hidden and conventional DRAM refresh
  • Support for two independent non-cacheable regions
  • Video and System BIOS Shadow RAM can be cacheable in either the secondary cache or the 486 internal cache
  • Support of fast Gate A20 operation for optimization of OS / 2 operations
  • Support for Fast / Standard page mode DRAM
  • Support for 2 banks of DRAM with memory size up to 64MB
  • Flexible system memory configurations
  • Support mixable 256KB x 9, 1MB x 9, 4MB x 9, and 16MB x 9 SIMM modules between banks
  • Programmable DRAM wait state
  • Programmable cache flush
  • Relocation of unused first 1 MB segments (128 KB, 256KB, or 384 KB) to top of DRAM memory
  • Automatic memory size detection
  • CPU interface logic
  • Data bus buffer control logic
  • Reset and shutdown logic
  • NM1 and port B support
  • Feedback CPU clock to reduce clock skew
  • Support for turbo / non-turbo mode
  • Support for software turbo switch
  • Support for conventional / hidden refresh
  • Programmable bus clock
  • DMA interface and arbitration logic
  • Refresh address and control logic
  • Data bus conversion logic
  • Bus interface between different data buses
  • Parity generation and checking logic
  • 14.3 18Mhz and divide 12 counter
  • AT Bus I/O recovery option for slower I/O card
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